Condemn the Cuts, Cut Down the Con Dems

Communist Party general secretary delivers the Political report to the first meeting of the new Executive Committee this weekend.

Comrades, It's not my intention to deliver a state of the universe address – that was attempted in my General Secretary's address to our 51st congress. But I do want to highlight some economic and political developments and trends that, I believe, should provide a context for our decisions today and our work over the coming two years.

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Unity to Defeat ConDems

_47829942_cameronandclegg203_afpIn the Political Report to the May meeting of the Communist Party Executive Committee, Graham Stevenson argues that the key task now is ensuring unity across the trade union movement and building mass resistance and opposition to the new Tory & LibDem coalition government.

The first hung parliament for more than a third of a century and yet it always looked like it was going to be one. In retrospect, it’s possible that a Blue-Yellow coalition, the ConDems, as I think some are calling the new government, might have always been probable. But many Lib Dem voters will be mightily peeved. It was not what they were looking for.

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Fight for equality, human rights & civil liberties

HS_4In the Political Report to the Communist Party’s Executive Committee meeting on 14th March , Chair Anita Halpin argues that the labour movement needs to go on the offensive if it is to resist the public sector cuts, assaults on democratic and worker’s rights, fight for equality in the workplace and the community, to combat the ruling class offensive. Read the political report in full here.

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Copenhagen Failure

copenhagen-summit1In a special political opening to the EC in January, International Secretary John Foster dealt with the failure of the Copenhagen summit, whether there has been a shift in the strategy of US Imperialism and the prospects for the general election in the wake of the continuing crisis in Britain’s productive economy.

THE COPENHAGEN SUMMIT saw a complex clash of positions.  As a summit, it failed and therefore represents a serious crisis for efforts to halt climate change.  But the summit also marked a turning point and one which represents a challenge for Communists and the Left in Britain. Continue reading “Copenhagen Failure”